15 Nov 2014

What Do I Do with an Abandoned Water Well?

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Digging a new water well for your Indiana home is one thing. What to do with that well once it runs dry is an entirely different story. At C&J Well Company in Indianapolis, we offer several expert well services, one of which is advising clients on how to deal with old and abandoned wells. Sometimes, you buy a property that already has an abandoned well on site; other times, the water well you’ve relied on for years or even decades finally ceases to perform. No matter the situation, it is important for property owners to carefully seal their failed wells.

Potential dangers of abandoned wells

One of the most visible risks associated with an abandoned well is the safety threat it poses. People and animals can fall into uncovered, unmarked wells, resulting in serious injury or even death. At C&J Well, we can think of countless examples that exist in fiction (remember Lassie?) and in real life. A plugged well that is improperly sealed or covered still poses major risks, due to the potential for loose soil to cave in, swallowing whoever or whatever is unlucky enough to be by the hole at that time.

You’re likely already aware of the personal risks. Did you also know that abandoned wells often cause groundwater contamination? This is especially troublesome if you have a newer, functioning water well near an old, abandoned system. C&J reminds you that it only takes a few drops of certain contaminants to poison every single gallon of groundwater under your Indiana water well, and perhaps the wells of your neighbors, too.

How to solve the problem of an abandoned well

Although abandoned wells cause problems for residents across the state of Indiana, there are many steps you can take to remedy the situation. Broken and outdated components can be replaced to bring the well back to a functional status. In some situations, a replacement well can be dug into or near the existing borehole to tap an aquifer. If the abandoned well is truly dried up, it should be permanently filled and plugged to avoid any future hazards. The single worst thing you can do to an old well is ignore it.

For all of these cases, rely on qualified professionals like C&J Well Company to do the work for you. Our team members are trained and insured, and have the experience and equipment necessary to do the job the right way, every time.

Abandoned wells – what you can do

If you encounter an abandoned water well in Indiana or suspect a well might be abandoned, you should report your information to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. From the DNR website, you can also view Indiana’s comprehensive water well record database, consisting of more than 400,000 water wells drilled across the state.

Have an old, failing, or abandoned well on your property? Another step you can take is to call C&J Well Company. Located right here in the Indianapolis area, C&J Well can service and repair your existing well components. We also offer replacement well digging services, using some of the most advanced equipment and techniques in the industry today. Contact C&J for more information and to schedule a free consultation and estimate today.

You rely on a well to provide your Indiana home with fresh, clean water. Make sure those wells remain safe now and for future generations to come.