07 Nov 2012

Well water system maintenance

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Is it really that necessary?

Yes, yes it is. Winter is quickly approaching, which means you probably had (or soon will have) your tires rotated, oil changed, and car tuned up to prepare for the nasty weather. Getting stuck in the middle of the road in the freezing cold is not something any of us are too thrilled about, so we take precautionary measures to ensure we and our families are safe.

But cars aren’t the only thing you don’t want to malfunction this winter. During the summer you put your well water system to test. You watered your yard every day, filled up the pool, washed the car, even re-enacted famous wars with water ballons. As fun as that was, your well water system took a beating, and if you don’t have a yearly checkup, you might be out of water soon.


So what is “well water system maintenance”?


A well water system is not just the white thing that comes up out of the ground in your front yard. A well system is made up of several pieces of equipment that allow for water to be pumped from the well all the way to your kitchen sink. An any of these pieces of equipment can wear out.

Clogged Well Screen:

Like we showed you in a previous post (click here) the well screen sits at the bottom of your well. Over the years, sand and all kinds of sediment can clog up the screen limiting the amount of water that it allows to flow into your well, and forcing the pump to suck up tons of unwanted sediment. For well screens, we recommend a full well cleanout. This will freshen up the water in your well, and allow more clean water to flow through the well screen. For more information about Well Cleaning, you can go HERE.

Worn Submersible Pump:

One of the most important pieces of the well water system puzzle is your pump. Pumps have an average life span of 11-17 years. There are several things that could go wrong with a pump, Too much sediment could damage the pump, running it too much can also cause problems, and lower water table could even burn it up. One of the most important things to have checked out before the winter is your pump.

Pressure Tank:

The average life span of a pressure tank is 8-10 years. Sediment can rip little holes in the bladder of the tank, that will eventually render the tank useless. Your tank could also loose pressure, so you want to make sure you have a well technician take a look at it to make sure it’s running as smooth as possible. And remember, a bad pressure tank can easily and quickly burn out a perfectly working pump.

Pressure Switch:

This is usually one of the first things that goes. Luckily these are easy to replace. While a broken pressure switch won’t damage any other part of the well water system, it will leave your home without water.

Those are just some of the main things to keep an eye for. There are several other things that could be problematic, such as lowered water table and leaks. You want to make sure you call a licensed well water profesional this fall to make sure your system is in good shape.

Because we feel that yearly well water system maintenance checkups are very important, we are currently running a fall maintenance special. Click HERE to learn more, save some money, and keep your home’s well water system running smoothly.

Why do we clean out wells? from cjdrills on Vimeo.