30 Sep 2014

Well Water – Service Your Well to Improve Water Quality

Well Maintenance Comments Off on Well Water – Service Your Well to Improve Water Quality

Indiana’s water quality has made another splash in the media, and it’s not for good reasons. You may have recently heard in the news that our state ranks worst in the nation in terms of water pollution.


According to a new report out by research group Environment America, industrial facilities dumped more than 206 million pounds of toxic chemicals into America’s waterways in 2012. And Indiana led all other states by contributing 17 million pounds (keep reading for a link to the study). TV stations and other media reported the findings, along with statements from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management disagreeing with Environment America’s study. Whatever the actual number, C&J Well Company thinks this a great time to remind you about the importance of regular water well cleaning.


Regularly Maintain Your Well


At C&J, we encourage all Hoosiers who rely on private water wells to disinfect their systems on a regular basis using the proven chlorination technique. But chlorinating your well components isn’t an all-inclusive solution for clean drinking water at home. In addition to chlorination, C&J recommends regular inspections and professional well cleaning.


Do you remember the last time you had your well inspected? Look for these warning signs. If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it’s time to call C&J Well Company:


  • Is my drinking water cloudy or muddy?
  • Does my drinking water have sediment in it?
  • Does my drinking water smell or taste funny?
  • Has my water recently tested positive for biological agents?
  • Do I have low water flow or low well capacity?


Don’t risk the health of your family and the performance of your private water well components. Call C&J Well Co. today! When you hire C&J, you can count on professional, proven well cleaning. Our multi-step process includes some of the following procedures:


  • Comprehensive inspection
  • Removal of submersible pump
  • Pressurized air washing
  • Screen cleaning
  • And much more


Be sure to ask your C&J Well expert about our water quality testing solutions. We also offer a full line of water treatment services that include water softening, reverse osmosis, and UV sterilization. When it comes to your water, C&J Well Company has you protected.


Whether or not Indiana leads the nation in water pollution, well cleaning is a simple step you can take to ensure the quality of your own water supply. Talk to C&J Well Company today for more ways to healthier water at home.


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