Well Pump Replacement – Indianapolis, IN

Grundfos Submersible Pumps


Need your well pump replaced? Our Grundfos submersible pumps offer high efficiency, high resistance to sand and other abrasives and easy maintenance. Grundfos pumps are made of stainless steel, increasing the life and performance of the pump.

Don’t forget to ask about our 10-year warranty!

20th Anniversary Special

In celebration of C&J’s 20 year anniversary we are giving a lifetime warranty on every Grundfos pump we install this year.

What you need to know: if your well and pressure tank are properly maintained and you buy a Grundfos pump this spring, you will receive a free pump in the event your pump ever fails as long as you live in the home.*

In order to insure your well is healthy we will need to perform a well cleaning at a discounted rate, so you are eligible for the warranty on your well at the time of the pump installation unless we have done one within the last 10 years. In a few rare instances we may tell you that your well is too far gone to offer a lifetime warranty. This is going to be rare and would be if your well is too sandy, or really low yielding etc. We will let you know if there is an issue. We recommend cleaning your well every 10 years and this will need to be done by C&J every 10 years in order to maintain your lifetime warranty. It’s kinda like flushing your transmission fluid in your car BEFORE your transmission dies leaving you stranded on the side of the road.

You will also need to maintain correct air pressure in your pressure tank in order to receive the lifetime warranty. A properly working tank is critical to the life of your pump. We recommend a new pressure tank every 10 years even if it’s still working. You will need to have a C&J tank less than 10 years old in order to maintain the lifetime warranty. If your tank is not a C&J tank or your C&J tank is older than 10 years we will install one at a discounted rate, so you are eligible for the warranty. It’s kinda like replacing belts on your car BEFORE they break, leaving you stranded on the sides of the road.

Obviously, acts of God are not covered.

Lifetime warranty is not available for commercial, geothermal or irrigation well pump systems.

That’s it. Enjoy the best warranty in the world on your Grundfos well pump and tell a friend or neighbor that this may be the time to change their older well pump once and for all. Get the C&J lifetime warranty and never buy a well pump again!!

Well Pump Replacement IndianapolisC&J is a leading retailer of Grundfos Constant Pressure Systems. These high-quality pumping systems using variable frequency technology, which means you simply dial in the desired pressure and Voila’ – your pump speeds up and slows down to match your demand. With Grundfos you can do laundry, run the dishwater, water your lawn, and take a shower – ALL AT THE SAME TIME – without losing any water pressure!

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