17 Sep 2013

Well Drilling Equipment

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Tools of the Well Trade

At C&J Well Company, we like to dig holes. We’re pretty good at it, too. That’s because we employ some of the best people in the business and rely on some of the best equipment out there. Digging a hole is easy but when you’re after water for a well, precision and accuracy are key.

Check out some to the tools we use here at C&J.

Versa-Drill drilling rigs

As a central Indiana leader in well services, C&J supports local suppliers whenever possible. We use Versa-Drill brand rigs built by Laibe Corporation (link to: http://www.laibecorp.com), which is based right here in Indianapolis. Versa-Drills are the “Cadillacs” of drilling rigs and are an industry standard in our line of work.

Look for our big red trucks when you call C&J for your next well.


Diamond-tipped bits

If you have ever tried digging a hole more than a couple inches into the ground, you know how difficult it gets. Forget shovels; when it comes to well holes, diamonds are C&J’s best friend. Our drill bits are coated with diamond tips to help chew through the ground and reach an aquifer.


Highest-quality supplies

Well companies use all sorts of equipment and supplies to get the job done. Needless to say, some do a better job than others. At C&J, we only use the highest-quality supplies to ensure your well lasts as long as possible with as little maintenance as possible. For example, the well casings we install are made out of PVC instead of steel, to prevent rust build-up around the well pump.

We also use non-corrosive materials in our pitless adapters (which connects the pump to the underground pipes that lead into your home) and piping. We choose these materials because they provide lightweight, flexible well components that are more affordable for our customers. If these components ever do malfunction, replacement is much easier and cheaper to perform.


This is just a short list of the many tools we use to provide you high-quality, long-lasting wells. Besides home water wells, C&J also drills and builds specialty wells for geothermal, pond, irrigation and other applications. Learn more about our equipment and see us in action by watching well drilling videos on our website.

And don’t forget to contact C&J Well Company for all of your well drilling and water treatment needs!