03 Dec 2013

Water Well Issues – Weak Well Pressure

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Common Water Well Issues

Water Well Issues & Weak Well Pressure

At C&J Well Company, we love wells. Water wells provide our customers with a constant supply of fresh, clean water, along with a sense of freedom from municipal water companies. C&J customers also enjoy the cost savings they get from having their own water.

All that said, water wells issues can arise since wells are not without their occasional troubles. Thankfully, almost everything that might happen to a private well can be remedied with a little know-how and some common sense. Many times, well owners find solutions to these problems without even having to give us a call.

Water Well Troubleshooting

Today, we’re going to look at one of the most common frustrations that people with water wells experience. We’ll also provide a list of  troubleshooting and techniques to fix the issue.

We’re talking about weak well pressure and lower water yield. Here’s what to do.

Accumulation of organic material (biofilm) in well screen or pump intake. Discolored, smelly water. Potentially hazardous organisms can damage well components and enter water supply. Follow proper well disinfection steps. Detailed instructions are available on C&J’s website.
Mineral deposits inside well. Build-up can encrust well components and fixtures inside home. Disinfect well with chlorine. Professional cleaning by C&J may be necessary to remove sediment.
Underground sediments clogging well screen. Lower water pressure in home. Dirty water with visible particulates. Sediment in water heater. Remove pump and flush well with water or air. C&J can clean screen and replace with new components if necessary.
Interference from nearby wells. Loss in water pressure and possible loss in well water level. Locate any wells nearby and reduce pump levels to avoid damage.
Well reaches end of lifespan. Borehole, well casing may collapse. Outdated materials fail. Water pressure falls to zero. Replace well components and/or materials. New borehole may be needed. Plug existing hole to prevent accidents and injuries.
Aquifer dries out (can be a temporary or permanent event). Complete loss of water pressure and water supply. Surrounding area may be affected by loss of water levels. Reduce water usage and pumping capacity. Drill a deeper well. Contact neighbors and DNR for more information on local water levels.
Faulty well system. Low water pressure despite adequate water level in well. Damaged or outdated pump. Leak in pipe or casing. Contact C&J Well Co. to schedule professional inspection of well and components.


Regular Well Maintenance Will Help Prevent Problems

Keeping on top of necessary maintenance like regular chlorination will greatly prevent problems to your water well. While this guide should help troubleshoot some of the common issues well owners encounter, it is not a comprehensive guide. Your problems may be different or unique. If you have any questions or need assistance with your water well, C&J Well Co. is happy to help!