15 Nov 2013

Water Softening Systems

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Investing in Water Softening has Advantages

When you hear the phrase “hard water,” something like ice might come to mind. But hard water comes out of a lot of faucets around central Indiana, and those folks are missing out on some important benefits. Luckily, C&J Well Company has a simple solution. The water softeners we install and service really do improve the taste, texture and functions of your average tap water.


Though the science behind softening water isn’t that hard to understand, we’ll save explaining how water softener systems work for another blog article. Today, we’ll focus on covering some of the most common benefits homeowners get when they add a softener to their water supply.


From better tasting, better feeling, better cleaning water that’s better on the environment, softened water is just, well…better.

Water Softening Household Benefits

Tap water that is treated through water softening has many household advantages over hard water. Some of these benefits are noticeable the first time you experience softened water, and include:


  • Softer skin and hair.

  • The ability to use smaller amounts of soaps and detergents.

  • Cleaner dishes with less streaking.

  • Less soap scum residue in the bathroom.

  • Fewer mineral deposits and softer laundry.

  • Less mineral buildup, which means longer appliance life.

  • Cleaner plumbing systems.

  • Water that heats faster for bathing and washing.

  • Better water pressure/flow through faucets and shower heads.

Environmental Benefits to Water Softening

Water softener technology is constantly improving, and new systems are much more eco-friendly than their predecessors. This environmental consciousness means far less waste from today’s softeners. Depending on the system you purchase, environmental benefits can include:


  • Better water heater efficiency and less maintenance.

  • Lower energy/utility costs.

  • Reduced need for cleaning showerheads and other components, which means fewer chemicals going down the drain.

  • Less mineral buildup (some studies have shown that potentially harmful pathogens may grow faster in the film left behind by hard water residue).

  • Longer-lasting appliances, which means less junk in landfills.

  • Better water pressure, which means shorter bathing and washing times.


C&J Water Softening Services


Water softeners can be used in residential and commercial settings, and there is a growing demand for applications in both fields. C&J Well Co. specializes in residential and commercial services, so talk to one of our representatives today for more information on how we can serve your home or business.

Is a water softener right for you? Give C&J a call and find out!