21 Jul 2012

Successful Pump Extractions

Well Maintenance Comments Off on Successful Pump Extractions

Successful Pump Extraction from cjdrills on Vimeo.

This was a pump that was stuck in a 4″ casing (this is why we don’t prefer to install 4″ wells). It appears as though at some point in time someone had hit this well knocking some debris into the well and locking the pump into a perfectly good well.


Gary and Luke used our special paten pending tool, “the harpoon” to spear this stuck pump and bring it to the top of the well.


This well has been saved, saving the customers yard and pocket book.


We have seen jobs like this completely botched by well butchers in the past and needlessly ruining a great well. We can’t save them all, but if someone else doesn’t botch things we have a great record of extracting these difficult stuck pumps.