15 Mar 2014

Safe Groundwater – Not Just for Water Well Owners

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If you’re a well owner, you understand just how essential a resource groundwater is to daily life. Without it, we couldn’t survive. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this, and many others simply take it for granted. That is why the National Ground Water Association hosts National Groundwater Awareness Week each year in March.

The idea of this annual observance is to promote why groundwater is important to you. And by “you,” we mean everyone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 90 million Americans get their tap water from municipal agencies that rely on groundwater supplies. Another 13 million citizens pull their water directly from the ground through private wells. As vital as groundwater is, too often we hear in the news or experience firsthand contamination to water supplies. Sometimes, groundwater becomes tainted naturally, but more often we humans are to blame. Polluted groundwater can cause severe health problems and even death to those who drink it.

So how can you – everyone – help raise awareness about the importance of groundwater, and why do we need to do our best to keep it clean? The Indiana Ground Water Association (IGWA) provides some helpful facts and figures for our state. C&J Well Company wants to highlight some of those numbers, and we ask that you share this information with others in your family, your community and your workforce. Spreading the word is one of the easiest and most effective ways to help others think about issues; in this case, protecting our groundwater for current and future generations.

Do You Rely on Groundwater?

When we turn on our taps, the fresh water that flows out has to come from somewhere. For many Hoosiers, that water comes from right under our feet. According to the IGWA:

  • 1,630,000 residents rely on private water wells.
  • 564,277 households are connected to private wells.
  • Nearly 1,000 Indiana farms spanning more than 345,000 acres use irrigation wells.
  • 8% of our state’s total water supply comes from fresh groundwater.
  • 100% of Indiana households rely on that groundwater.
  • 65% of Indiana livestock & aquaculture rely on just 4% of the groundwater supply.
  • 188 Indiana well firms (including C&J) employ more than 1,000 people.
  • More than 1,600 Indiana scientists & engineers work with groundwater.
  • Many more businesses & companies related to the groundwater industry call Indiana home.

As you can see, our groundwater goes a long way in providing jobs, education and life to Hoosiers across our state. And when it is compromised, groundwater affects us all. That is why events like National Groundwater Awareness Week are so important.

For more information on groundwater, click here to view the facts from the National Ground Water Association. C&J Well Co. encourages you to share this blog and the information provided with those around you. Together, we can make a difference and help safeguard our precious groundwater for years and decades to come. Please feel free to contact C&J to learn more about private water wells, quality and conservation, and other important topics on Indiana groundwater.