21 Nov 2012

Replacing pressure tank for wells

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replacing pressure tank for wells

Replacing Pressure Tank

Do you currently have uneven water pressure in your home? When you turn your water on, does your pressure switch click on and off? if so, you may want to look into our replacing pressure tank service.


A pressure tank for wells has an inner bladder bag or diaphragm bag that pushes down on water creating even pressure water to flow out of your faucets and shower heads. Older homes usually have steel tanks that rust on the inside, resulting in possible tears and rips to the bladder bag that will eventually render the tank useless. (For more information about bladder and diaphragm bags, and how sediment can pop them, CLICK HERE)

When a pressure tank for wells begins to fail, it will often sporadically ask for water, making your pressure switch click on and off (we call this quick-cycling). This is dangerous, because it will make your pump repeatedly turn itself on and off, and like a lightbulb, it will quickly burn out.


If you knock on your tank, and it sounds like it is full of water (tanks should be 3/4 full of air), your tank more than likely has a tear in the bag, and we recommend you start thinking about our replacing pressure tank service. Not only will a new pressure tank prolong the life of your pump, but it will also give you more even pressure throughout your house.