26 Jun 2012

Removing a Stuck Pump

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acidizing a well from cjdrills on Vimeo.

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a well owner is getting the water pump stuck inside the well. Believe it or not, this tends to happen quite a bit. The reason why, is because there is very little room between the walls of the well and the circumference of the water pump. As the well ages, rust and minerals start to build around the pump, eventually fusing it to the well. There are ways to prevent it, mainly having a new PVC well casing instead of galvanized steel (PVC doesn’t corrode). But if drilling a well is not in the near future for you, you can always call C&J to give you a yearly maintenance check up, to make sure your pump doesn’t get stuck.


But what happens if the pump is already stuck? 

There are several steps we can take to make sure we are able to remove the stuck pump (we have a very good success rate pulling stuck pumps out of wells!). The video above shows our team acidizing a well. This is the process where we lower hydrochloric acid down the well to eat the corrosion around the pump. This is a dangerous process, so you should leave it to the pros.

We leave the acid in the well for a couple of days to give it time to work. Once we are successful in removing the stuck pump, we clean and freshen up the well removing all the acid, making the well useful once again. The video shows a very extreme case of acidizing. The well was buried, so we had to dig it out to be able to access it.