05 Dec 2012

Proud of being a well driller

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Well drilling is not a good profession for just anybody. As we head into the winter months, our drillers are beginning to mentally and physically prepare for the freezing cold temperatures. You may be asking yourself “who would want to stand out in the cold and drill wells all day long”, and to be 100% honest, every well driller has asked himself the same question at least once in his life. But at the end of a long day of hard work, there is nothing more satisfying for a well driller than to see his rig standing over a new water well that will provide that home or business with fresh water for many years to come.

The picture above was taken earlier this week at one of our job sites. We are currently drilling test holes for a huge farm in western Indiana. We have two crews out there working every day, drilling test holes and creating water wells. The purpose of the test holes and wells is to create a massive irrigation system for the farm. The customer wants to irrigate as much of their ground as possible due to the much improved yield on their crop.
When it is all said and done, you can see the great skill and dedication our well drillers have. As they would say, a long day of hard work out in the field is worth it, if at the end of it you have view like this.