23 Jul 2012

Our hard work pays off

Water Treatment, Well Drilling, Well Maintenance Comments Off on Our hard work pays off

From the very beginning, C&J has taken pride in its customer relations. There have been several times when our employees have had to work extensive hours, to make sure that the customer is as satisfied as possible. But let’s be serious, you hear “our company really values it’s customers” and “customer always comes first” from almost every business out there.  So what makes us saying it any different. Well, it doesn’t, and that’s why we try not to pat ourselves in the back too much. Instead we let our customers do that for us!

Below is a letter that we received from one of our satisfied customers.

If C&J has performed any service for you, whether it’s drilling a new well, repairing an existing system, providing constant pressure, or even water treatment, send us a letter! Don’t want to bother with stamps? NO PROBLEM! Click HERE and fill out one of our online customer reviews. We would love to hear from you!