19 Apr 2016

Where Does Well Water Come From?

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For most of you reading today’s blog post, well water is an essential part of your daily life. Fewer of you though, have probably asked yourself the question, “Where does well water come from?” Read on and learn about the origins of our favorite liquid on – and in – the planet.


From the Ground to Your Tap

Almost half of the U.S. population – about 44% – relies on groundwater for its drinking water. And, if you think wells are rare, you’re wrong … more than 43 million Americans source their drinking water from a well.

It’s important to note that groundwater isn’t the same thing as water from lakes and rivers, which are the sources of public water supplies, i.e. “city water.” Although rivers and lakes are major sources of fresh water, surface water is just like it sounds – found on the surface. Because of this, lakes and rivers are far more prone to pollution.

Groundwater, on the other hand, is found in underground aquifers, where it is naturally filtered through many layers of rock and sand. Reached by drilling wells, groundwater is fresher and cleaner than surface water sources like rivers. Groundwater is also less likely to be contaminated. What’s more, a groundwater source that is delivered to your home via well recharges itself, and can provide you, your family, and your property with a constant source of fresh, healthy water even through extended stretches of dry weather.

Keeping Your Well Water Clean

While it is naturally clean, groundwater is not immune from contamination. Fertilizer and pesticide runoff, as well as household chemicals if not properly disposed of, can leak into nearby wells. Grass clippings, mulch, and other debris can fall into an uncapped well. Unmaintained wells promote sediment and bacterial growth, which can find their way into the tap water.

You can keep your water safe by scheduling regular well cleanings and taking care of the area surrounding your well. Discover more helpful well owner tips in this free guide.

Get Local Answers to Your Well & Water Questions

Have more questions about wells, drilling, and/or water? We’re here to help! C&J Well Company is your local source for just about everything well-related. From drilling and installing, to maintaining and replacing, we do it all! Learn more about the benefits of well water, and get in touch with us if you have any questions or want to get a project started.

25 Mar 2016

Types of Water Wells & Their Construction

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Today’s modern water well is a far cry from the old days. Gone are buckets and rope. Now, high-efficiency pumps and pressure tanks bring fresh, clean water into your home. Really, the only thing that historic and modern wells share is getting water up and out of the ground.

To do this, we provide a variety of solutions for Indiana homeowners. Read on to learn about the different types of wells and the construction methods we use.

well drilling

Three Common Types of Wells

Depending on the geology and layout of your property, we typically suggests one of three common types of water wells.

  • The first type is called a bored well. We use specialized rigs to drill a shallow hole into the ground, usually 100 feet deep or less, until we find a clean water source.
  • The second type of well, a consolidated well is great if the subsurface of your property is mainly natural rock. These wells typically require a deeper borehole to reach water, and feature an average depth of about 250 feet.
  • The third type of well, an unconsolidated well, is ideal for softer, more porous subsurfaces consisting of soil, sand, gravel, or clay. To prevent this loose material from collapsing in on itself, special casings are used to protect the well components.

The Well Construction Process

Since no two properties are exactly alike, a good well contractor must be flexible and adaptive. Here at C&J Well Company, we have the licensure, technicians, equipment, experience, and knowledge to tackle this tough job. Having called Indiana home our entire lives, we also understand the many local, state, and federal codes and regulations required to install and maintain your well.

The first step is finding water. Instead of digging hole after hole and destroying your property, we typically find the optimal well site before we even start drilling your well. Our construction methods are personalized to your home and your family’s needs. Well construction factors including:

  • property size
  • distance from your home and outbuildings
  • family size
  • number of bathrooms
  • whether an irrigation system, swimming pool, spa, etc. exists or is planned

Never hire an unlicensed or unprofessional contractor to install your well. Insist on an expert team that can honestly and confidently answer all of your questions. While the initial cost to properly drill and install a well might seem high, having an expert perform these services equals untold savings for the well owner, thanks to improved efficiency and less maintenance over the life of your well.

Your Indiana Water Well Options

Curious if a private water well is right for your home? Get in touch! C&J Well Company installs and maintains wells out in the country and within city limits, even if your home is currently connected to a municipal water supply. No matter your water needs, we have a solution for you.

Learn more about well types, construction methods, and other important facts in this free well owner’s manual

15 Mar 2016

How to Select a Well Contractor

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Searching for new service professionals is never fun. Mechanics don’t always have the most reliable reputations. Picking a new dentist is about as fun as pulling teeth. How do you choose a professional who you can trust?

At C&J Well Company, we understand your challenge. As a family-owned business serving central Indiana for decades, we’ve learned a thing or two about instilling trust and building strong, lasting relationships with our customers.

We surveyed the office and share with you these five top tips from our experts for selecting a well contractor.


Tip #1: Check Qualifications

This might go without saying, but before you hire a well contractor, or anyone for that matter, make sure he or she is qualified to do the job. Sure … you might find the best price on Craigslist, but when it comes to contractors, you usually get what you pay for.

Tip #2: Ask Around

Professional qualifications such as licenses, insurance, state/federal agency registrations, and BBB membership are all important. So are real opinions from your friends and neighbors. When comparing well contractors in your area, be sure to ask fellow well owners who they hired and why. Web searches and social media are other great sources for customer reviews.

Tip #3: Locally Owned?

Here at C&J Well Company, we know lots of qualified well contractors across the country. Problem is, lots of them are all across the country. If you live in central Indiana, you want to hire a well contractor from right here in central Indiana. Demand that your contractor has a rock solid understanding of the local geology they plan to drill in.

Tip #4: Local Laws

Hiring a locally owned well contractor typically gives you, the customer, an added bonus: all laws and regulations are followed. When narrowing your search, ask contractors about relevant city, county, and state laws. If you get a lot of “uhs” and “ums,” keep searching.

Tip #5: Guarantees are Key

Whichever well contractor you choose should also provide you a written and signed warranty and guarantee. Quality companies that use quality products are typically reliable, but if an accident or unforeseen problem should occur, you deserve a company that will continue to serve you long after the initial job ends.

Simplifying Your Well Contractor Search

At C&J Well Company, we’ll work harder than anyone else in this industry to earn your business and keep it, too. With that said, the choice is always yours, and we respect that. If you choose to hire another well contractor, we hope you’ll still use these five tips to your advantage. Learn more by reading this free well owner’s manual from Water Systems Council.

Not sure just who to hire for your next job? Not a problem! Contact our team today for friendly advice and a free, no-hassle consultation on your well service needs.

16 Feb 2016

C&J Well Company Celebrating 20 Years

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Do you remember what you were doing around this time 20 years ago? The Dallas Cowboys took home their fifth Super Bowl trophy. The University of Kentucky was on its way to a sixth NCAA men’s basketball championship. And Christy and Josh Abdnour purchased their very first well drilling rig.

A lot has changed since 1996. The Cowboys have a new stadium. The Wildcats, as much as it pains us to say, have a few more titles. And we’re celebrating 20 years of service here at C&J Well Company. We can’t say it enough … THANK YOU! Thanks for letting us serve you these past 20 years, and thanks in advance for 20+ more. We are proud and truly blessed to be a part of the Indianapolis area.

c&j 20th anniversary


Starting With a Single Rig

Twenty years ago, C&J founders Christy and Josh had the opportunity to purchase a well-worn, secondhand drilling rig from “Water Wells by Wilhite.” They worked hard for a few years as subcontractors, until they eventually saved enough money to purchase the company itself.

Fast forward from that first big investment in 1996 to today. C&J Well Company has grown in so many ways. Our team has grown, our fleet has grown ,and our facilities have outgrown their original capacity, to the point that we recently moved our operations headquarters into a larger building in Zionsville. And our family has grown, too. Christy and Josh now have five awesome boys at home!

The success and growth of C&J Well Company could never have happened without you, our customers across central Indiana. We appreciate your business, and we appreciate you making us one of the highest-rated well companies in the state.

Anniversary Savings Are Here!

Speaking of appreciation, what would an anniversary be without some fun? To celebrate 20 years of service, C&J Well Company is offering a number of promotional products and services.

Throughout 2016, we are offering a lifetime warranty on every Grundfos water pump we install. We’ll replace your pump with a new one if the original ever fails. Click here or call for details. And here’s one more way to save – visit our discounts page here for a downloadable $50 coupon on your next well service from C&J.

Yes, a lot has changed since 1996, but C&J Well Company remains committed to the ideals we were founded on: providing central Indiana with high quality wells, pumps, water treatment, and related services and products in a timely, professional, ethical manner. That’s our guarantee to you. Thanks for 20 amazing years!

12 Feb 2016

Get the Lead Out of Your Water

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By now, we’ve all heard what’s happening not that far across the Indiana state line with our neighbors to the north. Flint, Michigan is in crisis mode, after startling revelations that lead has contaminated the municipal water supply, making tap water dangerous for city residents to drink.

While the vast majority of our customers rely on private wells for their water supply, C&J Well Company wants to remind you that lead can affect well and city water alike. Read on for some helpful tips about what you can do.


What is Lead, and How Does it Get There?

Although rare in your well water, lead is commonly found elsewhere. It is a naturally occurring metal (chemical symbol Pb) that is used in a variety of applications. The vest you wear at the dentist’s office for X-rays is made of lead. The stuff is found in everything from batteries to bullets. Before folks knew just how poisonous lead really is, we used it in gasoline, paints, and plumbing pipes. And that last application is often how lead finds its way into your tap water.

Prevention, Early Detection is Key

Keeping your well clean and properly maintained is incredibly important. So is having your water supply regularly tested. Learn more our professional water quality testing. Whether you rely on a private well or a city utility, we can help you determine if your tap water is safe to drink.

Say your tap water test comes back positive for lead … what do you do? If you have a well at home, the first step you’ll want to take is to have your system components inspected for lead. If your well contractor is unable to find lead in the well’s materials, he or she may suggest a full water well cleaning and flush, or other treatment options like reverse osmosis or specialty filters.

Remember, boiling contaminated water won’t remove the lead. In fact, hot water dissolves lead better than cold water, which might cause more of the toxic material to leach from your pipes.

Safeguarding Your Water Supply

Though lead contamination in well water is relatively rare, it never hurts to make sure your water is 100% safe to drink. From something as simple as water quality testing, to major services including new well drilling and installation, C&J Well Company is your best source for safe tap water products and services. Winter is the best time to save on many of these, so be sure to check out our current coupons and promotions.

20 Jan 2016

Take 50% Off of a Well Cleaning With the Purchase a New Grundfos Pump

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C&J’s 20th Anniversary Special – Take 50% off of a well cleaning* when you purchase a new Grundfos pump with a free lifetime warranty! In celebration of C&J’s 20 year anniversary we are giving a lifetime warranty on every Grundfos pump we install in 2016.


What You Need to Know

If your well and pressure tank are healthy and you buy any Grundfos pump in 2016, you (the original purchaser of the pump) will receive a free pump in the event your pump fails while you live in the home*. 

In order to ensure your well is healthy, we will perform a well cleaning at a discounted rate at the time of the pump installation unless we have done one within the last 10 years. In a few rare instances we may tell you that your well is too far gone to offer a lifetime warranty. This will be rare, and we will let you know if there is an issue. We recommend cleaning your well every 7-10 years. It’s kind of like flushing your transmission fluid in your car before your transmission dies leaving you stranded on the side of the road. 

You will also need to maintain your pressure tank. A properly working tank is critical to the life of your pump. There may be a rare instance when your tank is too far gone to offer a lifetime warranty on your pump. This will be rare, and we will let you know if we cannot offer the lifetime warranty without replacing the tank. We recommend a new pressure tank every 10-15 years even if it’s working. It’s kind of like replacing belts on your car before they break, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. 

That’s it. Enjoy the best warranty in the world on your Grundfos well pump and tell a friend or neighbor that this may be the time to change their older well pump. Get the C&J lifetime warranty and never buy a well pump again!

*Must call for a booking by Mar. 19, 2016. Some restrictions apply. Only offered for Marion and surrounding counties. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
19 Jan 2016

New Digs for C&J Well Co.

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Big news for C&J Well Company … we’re moving!

Not far though, so don’t worry. We’ve proudly called the Indianapolis area home for 20 years, and that won’t change. In fact, you’ll still be able to find us in Brownsburg at our administrative offices on 25 North Green Street. When you call C&J Well Co., we answer the phones here. Opening soon though, is our bigger, better, and brand new operations headquarters on West 96th Street in Zionsville, right next to the I-465/I-865 interchange. This location will also feature a reception area that’s open to the public.moving

So why all the shuffling around? Simple. We want to make things easier for you! Our old operations base was located off Interstate 74 in Pittsboro, west of town and about a 20-minute drive from the loop. Now that we’re moving our drilling rigs and other equipment to Zionsville, we’ll be closer to everything and able to provide faster, more convenient service to our customers across the Indianapolis area.

The big move is also a big part of the 20th anniversary of C&J Well Co. Owners Christy and Josh spent our savings on a single drilling rig back in 1996, and the venture paid off. Since then, our family-owned company has grown thanks to folks like you from all across central Indiana.

A bigger company has meant more hard-working employees, more high-tech equipment, and the need for more space. With our recent purchase of a VERSA-DRILL V-140X, a brand new Indianapolis-built drilling rig, this larger location in Zionsville comes at the perfect time. With our new operations base a stone’s throw from 465, you’ll see more of the unmistakable “C&J” logo in bright red and yellow on our trucks driving around town.

Choose C&J for All of Your Well & Drilling Needs

C&J Well Company thanks you for making us your #1 choice for professional drilling and well service in central Indiana. New to our company? Browse our website, give us a call, or visit our Brownsburg office for a full list of available services. Already a well owner? Don’t forget to ask how you can save $350 on your next well cleanout, or take 10% off any home water treatment.

Twenty years of business is a major milestone for us, and we look forward to 20+ more right here at our new home.

30 Dec 2015

How to Keep Well Water Rust & Sand Free

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Rust needs three things to grow: iron, oxygen, and water. For all of you well owners out there, at least two of those things should be in pretty steady supply. So how do you keep rust and other unwanted impurities like sand out of your water? C&J Well Company in Indianapolis has a few suggestions and solutions on what you can do.


Getting Rid of Rust

Those dark red stains on sinks and bathtubs are a relatively common occurrence in homes connected to a well, and they mean that dissolved iron is present in the water. While not inherently harmful to your health, iron can attract bacterial slime which poses a potential threat and can damage vital well components. Preventing iron is a twofold process that involves filtration and chlorination:

  • First, you want to make sure that all screens and filters (in your well, water softener/treatment system, refrigerator/ice maker, etc.) are in good shape and not clogged with debris. Follow recommended replacement schedules, and replace filters early if they show signs of wear and tear.
  • Secondly, make sure that you flush your well at least once a year with bleach. A clean well usually means clean water.

If iron staining is occurring after the softener, we would recommend a service call for your water softener. Sometimes the media needs replaced or a simple mechanism can fail and require a repair or replacement.

Stopping Sand at the Source

Like iron and rust, sand is an all-too-familiar annoyance among well owners. The presence of sand in your home water supply is typically a sign that screens and filters need replaced. Less common but a bigger cause for concern – a well that suddenly starts pumping sand or grit could mean that the well itself is filling with sand.

In either case, your best bet is to contact a professional well contractor like C&J Well Company if you notice sediment in your Indianapolis area home’s water supply. Most of the time, we can identify the problem and fix it for you in the same visit.

Well Cleaning & Maintenance is Key

Like any complex system, keeping up to date on water well cleaning and maintenance is the most important thing a well owner can do since rust, sand, and buildup can easily enter your well and water supply. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to eliminate them, too. For more tips, tricks, and ways we can help, contact our team at C&J Well Company today.

21 Dec 2015

Winter Well Cleaning Special — Save $350!

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Good things come to those who wait. To celebrate another successful year, and to help keep some extra money in your pocket this winter, C&J Well Company is offering a deep discount on our signature well cleanout service.

From now until March 19, 2016, you can save 33% when you schedule your well cleaning with us. That’s a savings of $350!

Whether you’re a well owner who keeps track of important scheduled maintenance, or if it’s a task that tends to slip your mind, our year end offer is the perfect opportunity to scratch this service off your “to-do” list and save some money at the same time.

winter special

Why a Well Clean Out is Important

Your modern water well is designed to operate without major hassle or maintenance for many, many years. That doesn’t mean you should simply ignore it. C&J Well Company recommends – and most experts agree – that a professional well cleaning should be performed every five to seven years.

Our complete water well cleaning maintenance is much more than simply running bleach through your system. For that, you can read our handy guide on how to chlorinate a well, a simple task that should be completed at least once a year.

C&J’s well clean out service is a much more thorough and permanent process. We carefully remove your submersible well pump and lower a compressed air line into the well. That high-output air breaks apart and blasts away years of built-up gunk and sediment out the top of your well. We fully inspect your pump and tank, checking for wear and tear and any signs of a problem. We also measure water flow before putting everything back together. All of this ensures cleaner, clearer, fresher tasting water with 7 more years of confidence in your well system once again.

Schedule a Winter Well Clean Out Now

Is it time (or past time) for a well cleaning? Then call 800-957-8854 to schedule our comprehensive service now, and you’ll save $350! That extra money is nice, but so is the peace of mind knowing that your water well will be ready to go for another five to seven years.

From Acton to Zionsville and dozens of central Indiana communities in between, count on C&J Well Company to handle all of your well drilling, maintenance, and service needs. We are a locally owned family business with more than 20 years of experience.

14 Dec 2015

C&J Makes Well Drilling Easier & Cleaner

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There’s a new drilling rig in town, and it’s one that we are very excited to talk about. Why? Because it’s ours! C&J Well Company is expanding our fleet with the purchase of a VERSA-DRILL rig, and this addition is newsworthy for two big reasons.

The Benefits of a VERSA-DRILL

First, VERSA-DRILL equipment is built right here in Indianapolis by Laibe Corporation, a third-generation family-owned business with more than 50 years of service in the Hoosier state.

The second reason we’re happy to share this news is due to the drill itself. The VERSA-DRILL V-140X is a lightweight, compact, and powerful rig that’s also state of the art. Thanks to a specially designed derrick and a patented feed system, this rig can drill hundreds of feet into the ground while creating less mud mess. Well drilling is dirty business, and our cleaner methods are good for your property and for the environment. This innovative rig also gives us the ability to drill wells in tighter, harder-to-reach areas.

We’ve already put this new toy to work right here in town. Recently, C&J Well Company was awarded a contract to drill a new well at the Morris-Butler House, nestled in Indy’s historic Old Northside neighborhood. Working on a 160-year-old Indiana landmark takes planning and precision – and a little bit of prayer, too – which was all made easier thanks to our brand new VERSA-DRILL rig.

Your First Choice for Indianapolis Well Drilling

Whether you call an urban mansion or a country cottage home, count on C&J Well Company to get your job done right. We are constantly improving our equipment and our expertise, and you won’t find a more high-tech or eco-friendly partner when it’s time to drill your well. Learn more about our Indianapolis well services or contact us today to get started.

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