10 Jan 2020

Keep It Simple!

By Isaac J. Evans, Well Drilling Comments Off on Keep It Simple!

On his hit show Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Gordon Ramsey definitely brings the drama. The show features a failing restaurant that has petitioned Gordon for help turning the business around. If you’ve ever seen an episode, it is filled with staged melodrama, extensive nervous breakdowns, elaborate twists and turns, and, unfortunately, profanity-laced tirades from Ramsey. One consistent theme among thegordon-ramsayse quagmires is Ramsey’s admonition to, “Keep it simple!” Chefs often overload and overcomplicate their menus, because there are so many dishes they enjoy cooking. This tendency leads to all sorts of problems like waste, less content consumers, more stress and work for staff, and brand confusion.

Your visit to the Indianapolis Home Show has the potential to be like one of Ramsey’s Nightmare kitchens—too many options on the menu can lead to information overload and hamstring wise- decision making.

C&J’s advice? Keep it simple and go with the pros! We know water from the ground to your tap.

Water Treatment

At C&J Water, our treatment solutions can ensure you don’t have unwanted particles in your water. Our water softeners prevent mineral deposit build-up in appliances, while using less soap and detergents. A whole-house sediment filter is used to protect your water softening equipment and plumbing fixtures from larger particles that might come into your home. Our reverse-osmosis filtration system has several filters and membranes that remove organic and inorganic solids from your drinking water.

Well Drilling

Using our decades of experience, as well as the latest geological information available, our well drilling crews are able to help you locate a good place on your property that yields the best results for your needs, while complying with state regulations. Whether you need a well for a new home, or an emergency replacement well for an existing property, you can trust C&J.

Well & Pump Service

Whether you have a no-water emergency, or you’re having low pressure in your water system, the experts at C&J will work to diagnose and solve your issue. We can effectively service your interior equipment like tanks and pressure switches, as well as dig up and repair outside leaks and water lines. Our licensed technicians are more than equipped to handle even the the most complex problems.

This year at the Indianapolis Home Show let C&J simplify your water needs, whether it be a new well, service on your existing well, or water treatment solutions. Stop by Booth #201 for more information!

19 Dec 2019

But Wait—There’s More!

By Isaac J. Evans, Water Treatment, Well Maintenance, Well Water Problems Comments Off on But Wait—There’s More!

We have all been up too late at night, suffering from insomnia or simple boredom, when a dark-haired salesman has shouted these words—But wait, there’s more! This man in a blue shirt and with a perfectly manicured beard was none other than Billy Mays. His energy was contagious and his appeals impassioned. He enthusiastically peddled a myriad of “As Seen on TV” products, convincing our sleepy minds we needed these panaceas. Mighty Tape would fix any leak, The Ding King could remove any dents, or you could even purchase the iTie—the necktie with a hidden pocket. blog_billymays

Perhaps the most memorable product offered by Mr. Mays was OxiClean. “Don’t just get it clean, get it OxiClean,” Billy would admonish insomniacs in the wee hours of the morning. He promised it would remove wine stains from white carpet, dirt from your kids’ sports uniforms, even set-in stains from your pets! As banal as this sales pitch seemed, OxiClean has stood the test of time because it actually works. When my daughter got a bloody lip and stained my sweater—OxiClean time. When I fell on a hike and got mud all over my shorts—OxiClean time. When my toddler surreptitiously found a Kit Kat bar and got chocolate all over herself, you guessed it—OxiClean time. Why does it work so well? Because of some hyper-scientific formula with sodium percarbonate, or whatever, but just trust me and Billy Mays, it works.

As a culture, we seem to be obsessed, or at least infatuated with, getting things clean. To our credit, we have hand sanitizer at all times, wash our hands religiously, and even send in undercover reporters to sniff out health-code violations at local restaurants. With all this focus on cleanliness, I wonder, when was the last time you had your water well cleaned? A well cleaning is the first step to maintaining a healthy drinking water system for your home.

At C&J Well Co. we are experts at making sure your water is safe and sanitary. We recommend a well cleaning every ten years to remove sediment and to keep your system running properly. You may also need a well cleaning if you have sputtering faucets, low water pressure, or murky water. During a well cleaning, we remove your submersible pump out of the well, lower a high-output air line into the well, and airlift years of built-up sediment and gunk out the top of the well. This freshens up your old well and redevelops the well screen so you get better flow and better quality water.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, preventive maintenance is exponentially better than emergency reactions. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” C&J’s current Winter Special pairs up two great preventative measures—a well cleaning and a 6-point inspection. From January to March when you schedule both a well cleaning and inspection you will get 40% off both services. This is a $1250 value for only $750! This winter, don’t just get your well cleaned, get it C&J cleaned! Contact us and schedule your well cleaning and inspection today!

09 Dec 2019

Dirt Don’t Hurt!

By Isaac J. Evans, Water Treatment Comments Off on Dirt Don’t Hurt!

As my precocious 3-year-old daughter trekked down the hill in our backyard, she swatted away gnats and other sundry critters, determined to spend the day playing in the brook at the bottom of the hill. She was loaded with all sorts of toys, and on her feet were her trusty water shoes (I can’t even begin to describe how tattered and smelly these shoes were—but I digress).

The stream the locals of South Glastonbury, Connecticut call, “Roaring Brook” made a circuitous route through our property. It is an idyllic place for the robust imagination of my sanguine child. However, her delightful day of adventure soon turned to dismay when she realized there were rocks and mud at the bottom of the creek. My dainty daughter gazed toward me for direction and guidance, and with all my fatherly wisdom and grammatical eloquence I told her, “Mira—dirt don’t hurt.” Her trepidation notwithstanding, she stepped into the creek and had a great time that day. She is 6 now, but those words still ring true as she reminds me from time to time, “Daddy—dirt don’t hurt.”

As any parent knows, there is a balance between teaching kids to be cautious, yet courageous. It is our job to protect them without smothering them. C&J Water understands this balance, and strives to meet the water treatment needs of families in Central Indiana. “Dirt don’t hurt” is great advice when playing outside, but terrible policy when it comes to the water in your home. At C&J Water, our treatment solutions can ensure you don’t have unwanted particles in your water. Our water softeners prevent mineral deposit build-up in appliances, while using less soap and detergents. A whole-house sediment filter is used to protect your water softening equipment and plumbing fixtures from larger particles that might come into your home. Our reverse-osmosis filtration system has several filters and membranes that remove organic and inorganic solids from your drinking water. At C&J Water, “dirt don’t hurt,” because our treatment equipment doesn’t let it. Contact us today for more details!

06 Nov 2019

Preflight Prevention

By Isaac J. Evans, Well Drilling, Well Maintenance, Well Water Problems Comments Off on Preflight Prevention

Gulfstream G650 Farnborough

In 1933, aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, created the most advanced design ever for an Army Air Corps bomber. Model 299 had four engines, defense gunners around the fuselage, a central bomb bay, and many other features considered high-tech for the era. It was designed to be fast and could go long distances for strategic bombing. The 299 was the crème de la crème. After five years of development, it was time for a test flight. Leslie Tower, Boeing’s chief test pilot, and Army Air Corps pilot, Major Ployer Peter Hill, climbed aboard the Model 299 at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. Within moments of takeoff, the shuddering plane was unable to ascend correctly, resulting in a tragic crash that killed Tower and Hill, and injured many others. An investigation of the accident showed that a clamp for the elevator flight control had not been removed before takeoff, preventing the gaining of proper pitch. Sadly, the accident was preventable; the Army took a hard look at what could be changed in the future to avoid another disaster—this was the birth of the preflight checklist. Preflight checklists consolidate the details so that pilots can focus on the safety of flights while avoiding the stress of potentially forgetting a memorized set of checks. The model 299 was decommissioned and updated, later reintroduced as the B-17 Flying Fortress.

In our modern era, the preflight checklist is the standard operating procedure. Pilots have checklists for preflight, taxiing, multiple stages of flight duration, pre-landing, actual landing, etc. We now understand that if highly trained test pilots could forget such an essential thing as the control lock, aircraft operations would undoubtedly exceed the abilities of the average pilot—there are just too many things to remember. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” *C&J Well Co. would like to offer you an “ounce of prevention” this year. While you don’t need a checklist for your well every time you turn on the faucet, a yearly inspection is very wise.

C&J is currently running a fall special for our 6-point inspection of your well system.* This inspection evaluates the water flow in your home, analyzes the health of wiring and piping, checks the pressure of your tank, test amps and ohms of your pump, and even samples your water for dangerous bacteria—all for only $285! That’s $100 off our regular price inspections! Leave the remembering to the experts at C&J and schedule your fall inspection today!

02 Oct 2019

New Logo, Same Promise!

By Isaac J. Evans, Water Treatment Comments Off on New Logo, Same Promise!

PlutoOn February 18, 1930, Clyde W. Tombaugh discovered the celestial body we call “Pluto.” It was the first object to be discovered in the Kuiper belt, a ring of bodies beyond Neptune. Pluto is about 1/6th the size of our moon and is made of ice and rock. Imagine Tombaugh’s excitement at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona when the decades-long work culminated in the discovery of the ninth planet in our solar system. The name Pluto was suggested by an eleven-year-old schoolgirl, who received about $450 as an award. Walt Disney was so inspired by this astronomical development that he created the beloved, eponymous dog as a friend for Mickey and Minnie Mouse. All the excitement and fanfare came to a crashing halt in 2006 when, after much controversy, Pluto was stripped of its status as a planet, and reclassified by the International Astronomical Union as a “dwarf planet.” Pluto didn’t change—it was the same ol’ lovable planet it had always been—but the definition of a planet changed.


Change is an inexorable part of life and earlier this year C&J Water introduced a good change in our water treatment division. We updated our logo to reflect our unique brand which promises high-quality products and services— without the big-brand overhead. C&J Water continues to provide local families with reliable and affordable water softeners, reverse osmosis, and other treatment solutions. Although our look has changed, we keep true to our mission. We still have the advantage of knowing how to treat water from the smallest odor problems to harsher chemical issues. Our daily work will continue to provide all our customers with access to quality, affordable water. If you have been settling for less than optimal water quality, look for our new logo and consider all the benefits of working with your friends at C&J Water.






13 Sep 2019

Houston… We Have a Problem

By Isaac J. Evans Comments Off on Houston… We Have a Problem

apollo13Apollo 13 was launched on April 11, 1970, from Kennedy Space center with plans to land on the moon. As you might already know, two days later an oxygen tank exploded, damaging the service and command modules. This caused extreme danger and hardship; they had a loss of heat, limited power, a shortage of drinkable water, they were unable to filter the carbon dioxide in the cabin—the three man crew was in serious trouble. The lunar module consumables were intended to sustain two people for a day and a half, not three people for four days. They needed a rescue, but how do you rescue someone in space? It seemed like an impossible task. Indeed, those astronauts were faced with an emergency situation.

Emergencies happen every day, and turning on your faucet only to realize you don’t have water can be an urgent situation. Although they are designed to provide years of low-maintenance and hassle-free service, water wells may run into occasional issues. Power outages or blown fuses can impact electrical components. Filters can become clogged with rocks, sand, dirt, and other debris. Other well equipment, such as pipes, may crack. Groundwater tables sometimes run low. C&J Well Co. has been dealing with these complex emergencies in Central Indiana for decades. If your water has stopped, is sputtering from the faucet, or has a bad smell or taste, give the professionals at C&J a call. We are able to handle the more complex situations and emergencies, often in a single visit to your home. No problem is too big for us to fix!

With the help of NASA engineers, the astronauts from the Apollo 13 mission overcame their dire situation. They improvised a device to filter the CO2 called “the mailbox.” They minimized to extreme rations of food and water, and they used the moon’s gravity to propel the ship back to Earth. They were rescued from what seemed like an impossible situation. Let C&J rescue you from your no-water emergencies and all other well-related services! Contact us today for more details!

05 Aug 2019

Alien Analysis

By Isaac J. Evans Comments Off on Alien Analysis

Do you believe in aliens?

In 2001, the people of Milk Hill, a remote area in Wiltshire, England, were confronted with this question when mysterious circles appeared overnight in the fields of their small hamlet. As any parent  with a kiddie pool understands, impressions left in the grass are not necessarily unique or baffling, but these formations were different. The 780-foot design, composed of 409 circles, formed three interlocking spirals. It was a sight to see, for sure. Crop circles like this one weren’t a new occurrence;  they had been appearing all over the world for decades, with no cogent explanation. Unlike other supernatural phenomena, like Bigfoot or psychic powers, the existence of crop circles is easily verified. They are indeed real, but their source has been suggested to be flying saucers, hedgehogs, weather patterns, and even time travel.

However, these explanations proved less than acceptable when it was revealed that two brothers had been making the circles for decades as an elaborate prank. They were inspired by UFO sightings in the 1960s and decided to make it appear that one had landed. This hoax went on for years and even inspired copycats to make circles of their own. The source of these puzzling and strange imprints finally had an explanation—it was all a man-made ruse.

Crop Circle

Knowing the source makes all the difference. Whether your water is cloudy, smells strange, or contains sediment, drinking water problems can be just as confusing as crop circles. The good news is we don’t have to spend decades wondering what causes these issues, or how to fix them. C&J Water Treatment offers a free water analysis designed to track down the source of poor-quality water.

Our technicians have decades of experience diagnosing and solving common—and uncommon—water issues. This is no hoax—it really is free! C&J provides several applications designed to remove sulfur, rust, iron, sediment, and much more. If your water quality is making you feel perplexed, call C&J Water Treatment today at 317-733-SOFT for your free water analysis!

03 Jul 2019

Will It Work, or Will It Last?

By Isaac J. Evans Comments Off on Will It Work, or Will It Last?

Imagine floating around weightlessly like an astronaut and exploring unknown surroundings, without ever leaving Earth’s atmosphere. As you journey through uncertain territory, you encounter a 16-footwide winged fish, then a 523-foot-long missile tracking ship. No, you are not in a scene from Star Wars, you are scuba diving off the coast of South Florida.

diver-in-the-coral-reefScuba diving offers the unique chance for an up-close gaze at beautiful coral reefs, pristine marine life, and magnificent rock formations. Whether you are in the Florida Keys, Cozumel, or British Columbia, the vastly unexplored underwater world offers intrigue and excitement. However, much like space, being submersed in one of the Earth’s oceans is a formidable thought. Below the surface of the ocean is a hostile and dangerous environment, unequaled on our planet. Humans were not designed to be underwater for more than a few minutes, much less to spend hours investigating unusual species of plants and animals, or searching for lost treasure in ancient shipwrecks. But, with the right equipment, 70% of the globe becomes accessible to you the moment you learn to breathe underwater.

The right equipment makes all the difference. C&J knows equipment matters, and that’s why we use state-of-the-art products when we drill and set your well. Once our well drillers find water, and it’s time to connect to your indoor plumbing, a well pump is installed. C&J recommends high-quality Grundfos pumps. They are reliable and energy efficient, and are available in many options to meet your needs. Whether it’s the well casing, the water pipe & wire, the fittings, or the well pump, C&J makes sure the equipment we use will not only work, but that it will last.

PicThe right employees make all the difference. It’s been said, “For a bad ballerina, even a tutu is in the way.” C&J understands that the equipment we use is only as good as the technicians installing it. Our company’s culture is very important to us, and this permeates our hiring process. We hire professional and skilled technicians to handle our customers’ water needs. One such technician is Kevin Nagel, who has been with C&J for over a year. Before joining our team, Kevin worked in geotechnical drilling, and was an engineer diver in the United States Army. He especially understands the importance having the right equipment, because it made the difference between life and death. Kevin is a great example of a C&J Technician, and we are thankful to have him on board.
C&J has great employees, utilizes great equipment, and ensures our customers have a great experience. Contact us for more details!

24 Jun 2019

Our Well-Drilling Worldview

By Isaac J. Evans Comments Off on Our Well-Drilling Worldview

“Is the glass half-full, or is the glass half-empty?”pexels-photo-416528-Edited-1030x736

Whether in a job interview, philosophy class, or late night discussion with friends, most of us have encountered this question in some form or another. This immemorial question is often used as a litmus test to determine a person’s outlook on life. The pessimist will see the glass half-empty, negatively focusing on the fact that the glass isn’t using its full potential. Conversely, the optimist will say the glass is half-full, revealing their point of view as thankful and positive. However, there is another, often overlooked point of view of the Engineer. The Engineer looks at the glass and asks, “Why did someone build a glass twice as big as it needs to be?”

The question of the glass is generally rhetorical and situational, but one clear thought emerges— engineering matters. This is why C&J uses premier engineering throughout our company. Water well technology has come a long way from the days of guesswork, hand digging, and wooden buckets on a rope. These advances notwithstanding, well drilling is still very nuanced. Using our decades of experience, as well as the latest geological information available, our well drilling crews are able to help you locate a good place on your property that yields the best results for your needs, while complying with state regulations. Whether a well is used for your household, geothermal heating and cooling, or irrigation, C&J uses industry leading methods and technologies. We are always looking for innovative ways to improve and expedite our processes and procedures. Certainly the framework we choose to view the events of our lives is crucial and consequential. Here at C&J we are optimistic that, however you choose to look at the glass, we can make sure the water in it is fresh and safe. Contact us for more details!

20 May 2019

From Whales to Wells

By Isaac J. Evans Comments Off on From Whales to Wells

“The privation of water is justly ranked among the most dreadful of the miseries of our life… the violence of raving thirst has no parallel in the catalogue of human calamities.”

These words were written in 1820 by Owen Chase, first mate of the Nantucket whaling ship Essex. The Essex is best known for being charged and sunk by a giant whale, inspiring Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. Of the twenty men who embarked on this disastrous voyage, only eight survived. Even though they were surrounded by trillions of gallons of water, drinking the Pacific’s saltwater leads to a condition called hypernatremia, in which excess sodium levels cause convulsions and increase dehydration. Drinking this water would be like pouring gasoline on the fire of their thirst—their hostile surroundings seemed to be taunting them. After eighty-nine days of experiencing starvation, dehydration, and severe exposure in the world’s largest ocean, the men were finally rescued from their small whaleboats and taken home.


The story of the Essex is a harrowing tale that helps us realize, among other things, the necessity of fresh, potable water. Indeed, it makes us thankful for our abundance of drinkable water, which we often take for granted.

C&J Well Company understands that safe, clean water is not a luxury, but the source of life as we know it. This understanding drives our excellence in the industry. We know when we drill and hook up a water well, families are depending on us to provide them with water they can trust. C&J strives for excellence, “from soup to nuts.” This is why we use premier engineering, equipment, and employees. While we may never encounter the extreme hardships of the crew of the Essex, C&J knows the need for safe, clean, and drinkable water for your family is just as necessary. We are committed to providing the highest-quality water for all your needs. Contact us for more details!

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*Loans provided by EnerBank USA, Member FDIC, (1245 Brickyard Rd., Suite 600, Salt Lake City, UT 84106) on approved credit, for a limited time. Repayment terms vary from 24 to 132 months. Interest waived if repaid in 365 days. 18.58% fixed APR, effective as of January 1, 2019, subject to change. Interest starts accruing when the loan closes.
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