01 Oct 2012


Well Drilling, Well Maintenance Comments Off on “NATIONS WATER COSTS RUSHING HIGHER”

If you bought a newspaper this weekend you saw the front page article about higher water costs. If you didn’t see the article, you can find it HERE.

While the nations municipal water costs are rushing out of control due to very top heavy management and the ever increasing federal government clean-water mandates, the cost for all natural, clean from the earth, ground water (i.e. well water) has remained affordable for many millennia.

C&J Well Co. offers affordable, high quality solutions to all of your water needs including:


Folks that are in the know wisely choose well water as the solution to their bulk water needs because well systems pay for themselves. The savings are quite remarkable if you use water in bulk. We provide water for the following:

  • thousands and thousands of homes
  • golf courses
  • steel mills
  • commercial/manufacturing applications
  • commercial and residential irrigation system
  • open loop geothermal systems
  • pond fill systems

So with Indianapolis city water rising 80%* why not beat the system and think outside of the box. Since costs are projected to rise even higher, how can a C&J Water System save you thousands?

*since 2000