30 Nov 2012

Large well in Broadripple

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The images below show a well that we recently worked on.

This was a 10″ well we drilled for a huge public pool in Broadripple. We installed a 4 horse power specialty pump in the well. The purpose of the well is to fill several outdoor pits that feed the pool, and our 4 horse power pump is able to do just that by delivering about 130 gallons per minute.

As you can see in the picture below, we installed a custom built control box that has two main functions. First, it provides “dry-run” protection for the pump. Second, it is attached to a low and high level set of probes that are in one of the pits. The probe system allows the user to turn the system on without constant monitoring or fear of overflowing the pit.

We had to make a tall well head because of building code (in the state of Indiana, the well head should be at least two feet above the flood plain). The canal is about 60 ft away on one side and the White River is about 500-600 ft on the other side.