29 May 2012

Iron bacteria in well water – gross!

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If you’ve never done this before, do it now… Go to your bathroom and lift up the lid of your toilet tank. What does it look like? If you don’t have any water softening equipment, chances are, your toilet tank looks pretty nasty. But why does it matter, right? It’s just the toilet. Just think of it this way, the water feeding your toilet bowl is coming from the same source as the water that’s coming right out of your tap. Pretty gross.. huh?
Bacterial iron are small living organisms which naturally occur in soil, shallow groundwater, and surface waters. These nuisance bacteria combine iron (or manganese) and oxygen to form deposits of “rust”, bacterial cells, and a slimy material that sticks the bacteria to well pipes, pumps, and plumbing fixtures. The bacteria are not known to cause disease, but can cause undesirable stains, tastes and odors; affect the amount of water the well will produce; and create conditions where other undesirable organisms may grow.
There’s no need for you to have this nasty well water bacteria in your home, call us now to find out how we can help you remove bacterial iron and tons of other natural chemicals!

don't let your toilets and showers look like this