01 May 2014

Innovations in Water Conservation

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Water may be the one precious resource we take for granted above everything else. Every day, water is wasted, polluted, and fought over in many ways. Because of this constant onslaught on finite freshwater supplies, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is searching for passionate people and creative minds to help one of the earth’s most at-risk natural resources with water conservation.


This month, the EPA’s Office of Water released a new study entitled “Promoting Technology Innovation for Clean and Safe Water.” This blueprint for sustainability seeks new and innovative ideas for dealing with water challenges, while promoting opportunities for economic growth.


Water challenges aren’t something the U.S. is forced to face on its own. Freshwater supplies are at risk in every nation on earth. In just the last few days, for example, newspapers and media outlets across the globe reported on water quality in China, citing new findings that 60% of monitored fresh water supplies there are polluted. This is only one of countless illustrations highlighting the vulnerability of the world’s fresh water. It is also a scary reminder that we need to do more to safeguard our water, and soon.


So what’s the plan?

According to the EPA’s new study, we face five major water challenges in the U.S. and abroad:


  • Water scarcity
  • Water quality
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Climate change
  • Access to water & sanitation


Tackling just one of these challenges is a monumental feat, and plenty of people worry that finding solutions for all five is an impossible task. But through technology innovation, the EPA is working with others to identify current and future risks to our water supplies. Interactive tools that monitor residential and commercial water use, track climate data, and develop sustainable watershed planning, to name just a few, help in many ways, from the individual to the industrial level and beyond.


So how do we make a difference?

 The EPA believes that creative thinkers can come up with groundbreaking ways to address these growing water problems. The agency has identified 10 critical areas for thinkers and innovators to focus on now. They are:


  1. Conserving & recovering energy
  2. Recovering nutrients
  3. Improving & greening of the water infrastructure
  4. Conserving & eventually reusing water
  5. Reducing costs & improving techniques for water monitoring
  6. Improving performance of small water systems
  7. Reducing water impacts from energy production
  8. Improving resiliency of water infrastructure to the impacts of climate change
  9. Improving access to safe drinking water & sanitation
  10. Improving water quality of our oceans, estuaries & watersheds


Technology has literally made a world of difference throughout our history. While the EPA and other environmental agencies encourage new technologies to help solve our water problems, new ways of thinking and innovation will make the biggest difference. Every living thing on earth needs water.


So what would you do without it?

You can read the whole report, “Promoting Technology Innovation for Clean and Safe Water,” on the EPA’s Office of Water website here: http://water.epa.gov/


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