09 Jul 2012

Many houses with NO WATER due to Indiana drought!

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When will this drought end?

Due to the recent drought, there have been several houses whose water table has dropped to the point where they no longer have water. This is a really big problem, and with no rain in sight for a while, this could be affecting many more homes. So short of drilling a new well, what steps can we take to get you back on water?

One of the things we have been doing for several homes this summer, is increase the piping that connects the pump to the house, placing the pump once again below the water table.

We took the picture below a few days ago. This home, like many around the area, had “run out of water”. We dropped the owners pump about twenty feet, and pumped it for some time, to make sure the water table would hold. The owner was very happy when she once again was able to get water, without having to break the bank to do so!

For more info on the drought, check out this interview by Fox 59

Indiana drought -  NO WATER

Home with NO WATER due to Indiana's drought