Frequently asked WATER TREATMENT questions:


Why use a twin tank softener?

A Twin Tank System ensures that a house hold has treated water 24/7 as well as cleaning the tank that is regeneration with treated water. In addition, will probably use less salt than a single tank system.

Can coliform hurt me? What about other bacterias such as e-coli or fecal coliform?

We do not claim any health risks with any bacterias. Please consult with your local health dept.

Can C&J test my water for bacteria?

Yes, C&J can submit water that is suspect to a local lab.

What can I do about these bacterias if they are present in my well?

Bacterias, as a rule, can easily be treated with UV Disinfection that requires minimal service.

What do I do about my city water? It tastes terrible and I know it’s not good for me.

Call C&J for a water analysis. Most offensive odors and tastes come From chlorine or chloramens.

Can you take the chlorine and other stuff out of my city water?

Yes, Chlorine is absorbed through a few different types of media.

Does city water need a softener?

City water is still hard and can cause issues with appliances such as dish washers, toilets, faucets and water heaters. Also hard water will not allow soaps to do their job properly.

Can I have “bottled water” quality water at my tap? How much does something like that usually cost?

Having bottled water type water is easily attained through a Drinking Water System such as Reverse Osmosis and in most cases is a better quality and has less dissolved solids. Also, in most cases, it can be hooked to your ice maker.


What do I do if my water has…



Odor. If city water, it could be chlorine, Algae.

Slime in the back of my toilet tank

Slime in back of toilet tank is bacteria. If the slime has a color like red or black and water has an odor, it can be bacterial iron or sulfur reducing bacteria.

Rust marks in showers, sinks and toilets

Rust in showers and toilets can be any number of causes. Bacteria,Ferric iron or that the water treatment isn’t working or sized properly.

Sulfur odor (rotten egg smell)

Sulfur odor can come from Sulfur reducing bacteria,Manganese or Bacterial iron.


Arsenic can come in a couple different types. Type 3 or type 5, This can come from man made materials or naturally occurring.


Lead also can come from man made or natural occurring. Sometimes it can come out of plumbing fixtures if you have low PH levels.

Chemical taste

Chemical tastes can come from a number of causes. Have your water tested on site for an explanation.


Nitrates from a well can come from fertilizers that run off farm fields, golf courses and such.

Sediment and or sand coming from the well

Sand that comes from a well is not a good thing. It depends on the size and amount. May need to have your well looked at.

Sediment plugging up my filter quickly

Pre filters that plugs up quickly is the first indication of something going wrong with your well, It could mean that you just need to have your well cleaned out or that the water in your well id dropping to a lower level then originally.