31 May 2012

Drilling a dewatering well in downtown Indianapolis

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Drilling Indy’s dewatering wells


It’s not everyday that the city of Indianapolis asks you to drill a dewatering well in the heart of downtown. Mainly because getting a massive¬†rotary drilling rig in the crowded city can be a bit of a pain. But like always, we had a solution for this problem. Instead of having to divert traffic to get our rig in place, we decided to drill with water, yes water. These wells will be used for dewatering, so they are only about 12 feet, not too deep at all. If you play the video above, you will see a high power “vacuum” placed right above the dewatering well being drilled. The guy next to it is breaking the ground little by little with really high pressure water. While he is “drilling” the vacuum is sucking up all of the cuttings. Pretty cool huh? and the best part, no mess at all. Once we are done drilling the dewatering well, we will set the casing, and wait for the concrete crew to come and fill up the outside of the well.