18 Feb 2013

Do you have water quality problems?

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Are you tired of your well water?

You don’t have to be anymore! We have water treatment solutions for just about anything you can think of. Do you have lots of iron in your water? Does it smell like rotten eggs? Are you afraid of bacteria in your water? We can help!


Here is a list of our top selling water treatment products:

Single Tank Water Softener:

Our single tank is ideal for small families, or homes that do not use too much water. Because of it’s compact design, the single tank water softener will fit in virtually any corner, making it great for smaller homes with limited space.

Twin Tank Water Softener:

This is our top of the line softener. This softener is great because of the dual tanks. When one tank needs to regenerate (or clean itself) it turns itself off and the other tank turns on, it’s like having two softeners! These tanks work on demand, and because there is no downtime when one switches to the other, your home will have soft water 24/7. Another great advantage of twin tanks is that they clean themselves with soft water from the opposite tank, this will make your media last longer than any other softener.

AIO System:

If you notice a rotten egg smell coming out of your faucets, chances are, you may have sulfur in you water. Our AIO system gets rid of sulfur without using any chemicals. The tanks work by oxidizing the water and the carbon resin inside the tank separates the sulfur from the water. This system is very good at removing iron too! If you have heavy amounts of iron in your water, our AIO can take care of it.

Reverse Osmosis:

Most people spend hundreds of dollars each year buying bottled water. Why throw away money when you can have bottle water quality coming right out of your tap? Our R.O. systems come with a custom faucet for the kitchen, and we can hook it up to your refrigerator and ice maker. If you are spending a lot of money on water bottles, our R.O. drinking water system is a great investment for your home!

U.V. Light:

These water quality systems have been used by hospitals for many years. After the water has passed the water softener, it will go through a U.V. light that will remove any pathogens or bacteria.


If you are having water quality problems, give us a call at 317-892-2100 and ask us about our water treatment options.