16 Aug 2013

Water Well Cleaning

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disinfecting and cleaning your water well

Water Well Cleaning & Disinfecting: Two Different Duties

You regularly test your water quality and disinfect your well using chlorine bleach. Great! But do you know that disinfecting your well and cleaning it are two distinct tasks every water well owner should do?

At C&J, we get that question a lot. While well cleaning and well disinfecting are both important, they are not the same thing. In an earlier blog post we detailed the steps homeowners can take to properly disinfect their wells. Check out that disinfecting your well article here. In this article, we’ll take you through the steps for properly cleaning a well.

While we encourage homeowners to disinfect their wells themselves, well cleaning is much more challenging and labor intensive. For that reason, C&J encourages owners to hire an expert to clean their wells for them.

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When to clean a water well

Well cleaning, when done properly, extends the life of a water well and its components, and helps make well water safer to drink. There are several warning signs that a water well needs to be cleaned. These include:

  • Well water coming out of the taps that is cloudy or contains foreign matter.

  • Water that has a funny taste or smell.

  • Falling well capacity and water pressure.

  • Routine water testing that is positive for bacteria or other harmful materials.

If any of these warning signs are present, especially after a routine disinfection cycle, it is most likely time for a professional water well cleaning. Ignoring these signs can cause costly damage to the well and create health hazards for people and animals.

How to clean water wells

Besides biological contamination, encrustation is another common cause of a malfunctioning well. Build-ups of deposits on key well components like screens, pumps and casings are difficult to remove, and these parts are easily damaged by someone not experienced with their handling.

Professional well cleaning starts with removing the underground workings of the well. After these pieces are removed and individually cleaned, the well itself is cleaned. There are different techniques for loosening debris and crust from the well. Processes include:

  • Air, where high-pressure lines are inserted and debris is literally blown out the top of the well head.

  • Water, which is used in the same fashion as air.

  • Ultrasonic, using sound waves at extremely high frequencies to agitate the water and break free debris.

  • Manual cleaning, where wire brushes and other tools are used to loosen and remove debris from well surfaces.

Different kinds of chemicals can also be used to dissolve contaminants, but certain chemicals can cause more damage or even destroy a well depending on its age and materials used in its construction.

At C&J, we rely on highly pressurized air to remove sediment built up inside your well. The air pressure creates a cavity which lifts the loosened debris and blasts it out the top of your well without causing any damage to your well’s components. This process also revitalizes your screen so that you get better water pressure into your home once the well is reassembled. You can learn more about our professional cleaning and other services by visiting the C&J website, or calling our main office at (317) 566-2079.

Don’t ignore the warning signs of your well. Call C&J today!