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When to Clean Out Your Water Well

Is It Time for a Water Well Cleanout? It’s no surprise that things located underground tend to get dirty, and your home’s water well is no exception. While we hate adding more to your cleaning and maintenance routine, regular well cleanouts can help extend the life of your system. Now the tricky part, do you […]

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H2Odors Part 2: Identifying Smells in Your Water

A few weeks ago, we helped you identify the common causes for odors in your tap water. Today, we’re covering the ways you can identify those causes and how to tell the difference between natural elements and potentially toxic chemicals. That way, you can keep everyone who relies on your home’s water supply healthy and […]

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H2Odors Part 1: What Causes the Smell?

Aside from the many benefits that come with having your own private source of water at home, one of the biggest questions we get asked here at C&J Well Company regards the possibility of odors in well water. We’re happy to provide some answers and solutions to the question, and thought it would make sense […]

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