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Finding the right well driller

Drilling a well is more complex than people seem to think. There are a lot of things that have to be taken in consideration when drilling a water well. Whats the aquifer level around the area? What type of ground or rock will be drilling through? Are you going to drill with water, or with […]

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I love the country, but I hate my well water pressure!

  You don’t have to worry about that any more! C&J is one of the leading retailers of Grundfos Constant Pressure Systems (SQE). The SQE provides constant water pressure for a variety of applications. You will once again be able to do the laundry, run the dishwater, water your lawn, and take a shower -ALL AT […]

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Have you ever had your well cleaned out?

If you haven’t, you might want to consider it. Over the years your well can accumulate all kinds of dirt and sediment, especially if you have a galvanized steel well casing! Many companies and websites recommend pouring some chlorine down the well, flushing it out, and hoping for the best. While shocking a well with […]

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