22 May 2013

Affordable Green Lawns

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It’s almost Summer Time!

Get your lawn ready with C&J’s irrigation well


Is your lawn ready for the quickly approaching summer days? With a C&J irrigation well you don’t have to worry about huge monthly water bills, or state wide watering bans. And the best part, your lawn is being watered with mineral rich ground water.


Here are the main benefits of having your private irrigation system:

Our irrigation wells are equipped with an iron removal injection system, so you don’t have to worry about orange stains building up on walls, sidewalks, fences shrubs, etc.

Watering your lawn or fields with your own private irrigation well will get rid of your monthly water bill, saving you hundreds in the long run.

With your own irrigation well, you don’t have to worry about watering regulations when drought time comes.

Water your lawn with naturally filtered ground water and provide your lawn with the mineral rich water it needs.